сутанист. оголтелый фантик. ватиканское щячло. гаргантюа в конетопах
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What is it about this twilight hour? Even the sound of a barely perceptible breeze pierces the heart. (Ono no Komachi, c. 825 – c. 900, Japanese poet of the early Heian period).

It’s no longer day but night hasn’t come yet either. One by one, the voices that fill the hours of the day with their incessant noise fade until the silence is almost complete. Some aspects of the colours stay concealed in daylight, but now comes the moment for them to appear. The evening light reduces every superfluous detail, every unnecessary shape; it is at the same time the absolute truth and the most beautiful lie.

Today let’s wander in evening landscapes (top to bottom, left to right): Evening at Ushibori, by Kawase Hasui, 1930; Evening Glow at Choshi, by Tsuchiya Koitsu, 1932; Dusk at Itako, by Kawase Hasui, 1932; Fishing Boats at Sea, by Ohara Koson, c. 1900; Evening at Minano in Chichibu, by Kawase Hasui, 1946; Evening Snow at Hashiba, by Utagawa Hiroshige II 1861.

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